More Testimonials From Active Women Who Love ZeeBee Threads

Fitness & Health

“The top looked the exact same after a wash, so it’s quality is pretty fab. I just can’t get over how soft it is! It looks like a normal fitness racerback top, until you put IT on. Really, it’s that awesome. This one gets 2 thumbs way up!”
- Annette P., South Jordan, UT

“I love me some cute active wear, especially when it doesn’t break the bank. I was impressed as soon as I opened the package. Quality clothing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.”
- Marcia K. Long Grove, IL

“So next time you need new comfortable, active clothing but don't want to head to the overpriced retail stores, head to ZeeBee Threads! They even offer an eco-friendly collection. “
- Marissa O., Rosemount, MN

“I love comfort and function in my clothing…as I am sure many of you do. I am always on the look out for comfy and affordable clothing items. Thank you ZeeBee Threads for the great new threads!”
- Stephanie M., Parkville, MO

“Overall I was impressed from the start with ZeeBee Threads. Their website is user friendly and the shipping was quick. Everything is pretty true to size and the descriptions are exactly what you are getting.”
- Sarah B., Lutherville, MD


“As a busy mom, on the go, I am always looking for comfortable casual clothing that stylish, affordable and made with high quality materials. Enter ZeeBee Threads.”
- Angela V., Vancouver, BC

“All their clothing is not only adorable but perfect for on the go individuals like me.”
- Megan L., Brooklyn, NY

“Have you outgrown the desire to wear expensive designer labels like me? Or does it take too much time away from you to have to dig through the cluttered racks at a store to find what you truly like? This is what makes ZeeBee Threads the perfect place to shop! To find some great clothes or accessories without ever leaving your home for an Eco-friendly shopping experience, head on over to”
- Danielle S. Yucca Valley, CA

“Show a Little Shoulder Eco-Friendly Pullover is so freaking comfy! I love this top.”
- Erin M. Austin, TX


“I love bags! I am have an addiction with them and really can’t help myself. The only thing I love more than bags is maybe shoes…no wait clothes, okay I love an assortment. What I truly love is a company that offers more than one of my loves. ZeeBee Threads is one such company.”
- Rita H., Pine Mountain, GA

“ZeeBee Threads specializes in casual, yet stylish attire for moms. With Active, Vintage and Eco-Friendly style options, you're sure to find something that suits your style.”
- Toni T., Tulsa, OK

“I was lucky enough to get the V-Neck Swim Cover Up from ZeeBee Threads. I chose one of my favorite colors and it works beautifully for being comfortable and functional. I love the quality of the fabric and seems for this cover- up.”
- Jennifer W., Bradenton, FL

“The Berkeley is the perfect go-to bag for those quick trips out with the kids when I don’t feel like lugging around my larger diaper bag. I’m able to fit all of the essentials above and there is still tons of room left to fill with whatever else we need to throw in.”
- Erin L., Ballston Lake, NY

“ZeeBee Threads makes the “My Perfect T-shirt” – a basic t-shirt that’s made to fit a women. It’s made with a feminine cut, doesn’t shrink and whether you’re dressing it up or just throwing it on for an easy day, it will look cute. The My Perfect T-shirt is available in a total of 28 different colors, so you won’t be without whatever color you need.”
- Andrea S., Franklin Grove, IL

“I just love the tops! The colors are so vibrant, and yes I wore these comfortable tops and they looked like tops that cost 5X as much!”
- Susan S., Philadelphia, PA

Generous Fit

“Super Soft Relaxed Lounge Pants are silky soft and the most comfortable pants I have ever owned…. Generous Fit V-Neck T-Shirt gives you plenty of room yet still figure flattering…The Not Your Mom’s Lounge Pants, are also as comfortable and are your go-to cozy fleece lounge pant. They have the wide leg bottom so they flatter any figure.”
- Mary W., Omaha, NE

“Sometimes we resort to cheap prices from big-box retailers that have questionable labor practices, so it doesn’t do well for our conscience. In addition, those garments are thin and poor-quality material. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for!” ZeeBee threads, on the other hand, doesn’t sacrifice quality. Instead, they eliminate high mark-ups by not having brick and mortar stores. This suits me just fine because I absolutely abhor digging through racks (let alone keeping my child out of them) and braving the long lines and traffic.”
- Roxanna F., Gold Hill, OR