ZeeBee Threads was founded with one clear objective: to provide active women with stylish casual clothing options at affordable prices.


It was the result of the drive, dedication and vision of a working mother, Jessica Morris, who wanted to upgrade her wardrobe, but not at the expense of her family's budget; or at the expense of her already precious time.

Our Philosophy
At ZeeBee Threads, we believe that every woman deserves to wear stylish comfortable clothing.  ZeeBee Threads is for women who have outgrown major clothing labels selling the newest, seasonal designer trends to a younger generation, don't have the time to spend hours digging through racks, and want to upgrade their wardrobe at a fabulous value.
Our Pricing
We've also set out to bring sanity back to retail apparel pricing while never sacrificing quality. It's a fact that retail mark-ups in the apparel industry are well over 150%. So, we asked ourselves, does that cute little logo justify $45 for a T-Shirt, $60 for a Hoodie or $100 for a pair of Yoga pants – for everyday wear? The answer is "No".

Our philosophy is that there are times to dress up and there are other times when dressing down is just as important. Whether it’s running a quick errand, grabbing a dinner with friends or family during the week or lounging around the house, ZeeBee Threads clothing is designed for "stylish comfort".

We've decided to do something about it and set out to change the way people shop with a new model.  We have no brick and mortar stores and source these garments from the same factories as designer merchandise without insane mark-ups – and pass these savings on to you. 


At ZeeBee Threads, you'll never pay more than $50 for great quality women's stylish, casual clothing.  No more sales rack diving. No more retail clutter. Just stylish twists on women's everyday basics delivered to your door.